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Our History

While attending Ithaca College in the late 1990s, two friends Gregg Pidgeon and John Walston, shared a passion for home improvements.  They both spent summers during high school and college working on separate construction crews and in customer’s homes performing home improvements.  Together, they had a vision that home improvements were about experiences and relationships instead of mere projects.  They were driven to offer a customer experience unique to the home improvement industry.  In 2004, they established Skylands Services, Inc.

Gregg and John believed that the industry was flooded with bad reputations and known for such things as poor communication, poor or inadequate craftsmanship and sloppy work spaces.  They created Skylands Services, Inc. to pursue their passion in a way that would buck the negative industry trends.  They believed that a home improvement project should be a pleasurable experience for customers and not a nightmare.  Over a decade later, their vision remains the same and they have a strong reputation built on delivering customer satisfaction.

​​Our Philosophy

Skylands Services, Inc. focuses on putting the customer first.  We believe you should always feel at home in your home, even during a home improvement project.  This philosophy drives our company and allows us to provide high quality services with lasting customer relationships.  We understand that your project may be a disruption in your home and lifestyle, so we go out of our way to work efficiently without intruding on adjacent spaces. 

We employ a skilled and presentable labor force with years of experience in the construction trades.  All of our employees are trained on the principles and beliefs that have built the foundation for customer satisfaction for over fourteen years.  We would love the opportunity to provide you with your next home improvement experience.